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B² Network is a Layer-2 solution that bolsters transaction speed and broadens application diversity without sacrificing security. B² Network is the first zero-knowledge proof verification commitment rollup on Bitcoin.


Bitlayer acts as a Layer 2 solution for Bitcoin, boasting EVM compatibility, with BTC as native token. It enables existing Ethereum ecosystem dapps to migrate to Bitlayer at low cost.

Create Protocol

A multi-chain, EVM-compatible platform empowering creators across diverse domains through a native token, fostering a creator-centric economic structure.


An NFT marketplace with an Initial NFT Offering platform and Launchpad for gaming projects. It enables users to generate additional income by leveraging the value of their NFTs, including collectibles.


The Aarnâ Protocol is an autonomous DeFi asset management protocol that aims to decentralize alpha access and facilitate autonomous alpha discovery.

Unreal Finance

Unreal Finance is a yield futures platform that allows users to tokenize their future yields via smart contract interactions.


HashCase is a loyalty platform that leverages digital assets (NFTs) to create utility-driven loyalty programs, transforming customers into loyal fans.

Riva Metaverse

Riva redefines and enhances your travel experience by incorporating trust, immersive experiences, improved comprehension, and augmented planning.

Asva Labs

Asva Labs builds innovative Web3 and Metaverse products that drive decentralised economy adoption and provide real-world value.

Truffles is a suite of tools that allow businesses to navigate fiat or crypto rails seamlessly for global payments.


KoinX allows crypto investors to calculate capital gains, maintain portfolios, track their transaction history, and look at their tax liabilities.

Zura Metaverse

Zuraverse is a unique PEC (Play-Earn-Conserve) model of gaming where players can earn economic incentives and also conserve nature while playing fun and intuitive multiplayer games.

Qubix Infinity

Qubix Infinity is a metaverse gaming experience that combines exciting gameplay and NFTs.


Wonder Game is a collaborative GameFi that takes players on a cross-chain adventure to different blockchains


Squirrel Verse is building NFT management software for enterprises with the aim to increase consumer engagement

Strive Network

Strive is a utility protocol layer for NFTs that enables the most flexible and accessible ownership of NFTs and their utility layer.


Movie Mafia is building a platform that allows you to become a fractional owner of your favorite upcoming movies


Autify Network is developing a trust protocol for supply chain management of global commerce. The vision is to become a single source of truth for brands & consumers and to bring traceability to the supply chain.

Buk Technology

Buk Technology is s a decentralized protocol, making the conventional hotel inventory distribution and booking experience more flexible to benefit all the stakeholders.


Polytrade Finance, a protocol bringing sustainable and secure yields to the Defi world. It lets you maximize earnings on your USDC holdings.

RocketX Exchange

RocketX is an advanced hybrid CEX & DEX aggregator that makes it easy to compare prices across 250+ exchanges to help traders with the best prices with every Swap while enjoying 100% ownership of their digital assets.


Rariko is a decentralized social messaging platform that allows users to create a secure identity, socialize, and access all their favorite communities in just a few clicks.


Frontier is a non-custodial wallet that aims to make managing cryptocurrencies, DeFi, NFTs, and more with a seamless experience. Frontier provides a unified wallet experience, allowing users to securely manage their assets.


Point six is a multichain NFT marketplace focused on creators and communities. By offering a smooth user experience to buy and sell NFTs with the lowest platform fee.


DripVerse Protocol is an NFT infrastructure provider focused on improving end users' post-mint experience.


Nemesis Downfall is a play-to-earn, battle royale video game!


Bitbaza is a decentralised marketing platform which powers the growth function at various enterprises with the help of AI tools.


A fan-first on-chain fantasy & digital asset sports platform built on Blockchain Technology

Neon Sundae

Neon Sundae is the ultimate web3 powered collaboration suite for organizations of tomorrow. Tools ranging from project management tools, Web3 development tools, payments, talent management, sales, CRM, and community management.

Metagamehub DAO

Metagamehub DAO is a platform for investing and building in the Metaverse. Meta Game Hub has tools to manage metaverse infrastructure while helping brands to develop & monetise assets.


Safient is a non-custodial secret recovery and inheritance protocol that is solving a critical problem related to self-custody in the crypto ecosystem.


Dygnify is a Defi protocol that democratizes credit for small businesses in emerging markets.


Interality is an engine for XR enabled virtual worlds. It helps you create and monetise content, products and experiences in metaverse.


WowTalkies is a fan engagement platform for movie fans, artist and studios.


A decentralized platform for community management allowing communities to manage DAOs, vote on chain and NFT transactions.


Jaypigs is a cross chain protocol that allows borrowing and renting NFTs. They currently support all the EVM chains.

Script Network

Script Network is an open-source live TV platform, protocol, and storage network with a strong community of more than 70,000 enthusiasts.


Fabwelt aims to offer a dynamic fantasy gaming platform with multiple sports, where users can get the freedom and fun experience of fantasy gaming.


A decentralized marketplace to create, share and monetize your AI applications for businesses, communities & developers.


MetaArrow is building the future of digital interaction through hyper realistic architecture curated to fuel the NFT economy for creators and brands.

Laika Blockchain

Laika helps you make request to smart contracts without a single line of code.


Simplr is a nocode infrastructure for all things NFT. They currently have no-code tools to mint crosschain NFTs.

Fandora, a tokenised talent marketplace, helps you discover and reward global talent using its marketplace farm tokens in one place with minimum APY guarantee.

Krida Fans

A fantasy game for football fans to create teams and earn rewards. Krida Fans allows you to assemble a team of star players to compete against others.

DAOnet Social

DAOnet makes managing a DAO or Crypto Asset Community as easy as setting up a facebook group.

IPX Club

IPX lets you invest in upcoming films, music, books and games by allowing you to champion creators you believe in and acquire a new personal asset.

Artfi World

Artfi lets you invest in art using the transparency of blockchain and enabled by NFTs.


Opensource, censorship resistance, neutral decentralised appstore for dApps.

Swaraj Labs

Swaraj Labs is an artist-led decentralized music label helping South Asian artists build an audience in web3.

Flappy Musk

A play to earn arcade game that lets you earn $Matic for everytime you play the game.


Ticketing platform for events using NFTs tickets.



Arcade is a virtual world that is bringing digital artworks (NFTs) running on the Ethereum network together.


DappGenie helps users with pre-built templates that remove entry barriers for builders to build smart contracts & various web3 applications


Intract is building a marketing stack for web3. Currently, they are building a web3 CRM that merges onchain activity with off-chain communities and provides analytics for project teams.

Router Protocol

Router Protocol enables crosschain communication. They provide infrastructure for building crosschain dApps, Asset swaps, crosschain settlement & much more.

M3 Labs

M3 is a financial group empowering investors and startups shape the future of Digital Assets.


MetaOasis is an infrastructure provider for web3 games. By lowering the entry barrier for players and making it easier for developers to deploy web3 games


Gomu is building an infra layer to help developers build NFT products easily. They have offerings that can help users manage NFT communities with ease & manage NFT data.


HashCase helps brands create, launch and distribute digital collectibles to their non-web3 audience.


The decentralized platform for builders to construct their own open and accessible metaverse, with fast and secure peer-to-peer transactions, 3D engine, AI assets creation tools, and 3D marketplace.

Automata Network

Automata is a decentralized middleware service protocol protecting fairness and privacy in Web3. Designed to provide non-intrusive integration across multiple chains.

Revise Network

Revise network is a back-end provider that lets you program NFTs to interact with applications, utilities and data feeds. The SDKs help you create dynamic NFTs.


Metaspacecy is building an open metaverse with a huge revolution in the commerce and gaming industry, with NFTs and Marketplace playing a key role in the ecosystem.

Unilend Finance

Unilend helps you lend and borrow crypto assets. It has features like flash loans, permissionless listing and NFT tokenization.


AcknoLedger is a global consortium that indexes, monetizes and distributes Web 3.0 digital assets.

Ruby protocol is building a private data management framework for web3 while implementing privacy layer that interacts with multiple chains.


UniFarm enables you to farm tokens in one place with minimum APY guarantee.

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