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Users care about Privacy and Security, set your app apart with the most developer friendly data storage and privacy platform. Takes minutes to integrate.
Arcana Auth

Arcana Auth

Provide frictionless onboarding for web3 users using social auth or passwordless logins. Arcana handles all aspects of key management from key pair generation to secure non-custodial handling through the arcana wallet so that your users don't have to.

Arcana Store

Store user data securely on Arcana's decentralised storage network. Every asset uploaded to the arcana network is split up and stored across our nodes so that there is no single point of failure & your assets are protected against geo-specific disasters and hacks.
Arcana Storage
Arcana Access

Arcana Access

Let your code or users decide who gets access to data. Arcana Access uses DIDs for identification of data and to store, on-chain, who is the owner of the data and who has access to it.
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We’re working hard to make privacy and security a de-facto computing standard. Look below to see what we’ve accomplished so far and what we’re working on next. And if you’re inspired, get involved!
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