How to Stake Celestia

May 24, 2024

Passive income made easy - discover how to stake Celestia and start earning rewards. Our detailed guide walks you through the process, from choosing a validator to managing your staked assets. Elevate your Celestia investment today.

Staking Celestia (TIA) is a straightforward and rewarding way for users to engage with and benefit from the Celestia network. Using Cosmos-compatible wallets like Keplr, users can easily stake TIA, participate in network security, and potentially receive airdrops from various projects. The process involves selecting a validator, staking TIA tokens, and managing the investment with minimal fees.

Can You Stake Celestia (TIA)?

Yes, you can stake Celestia (TIA) to earn rewards and potentially receive airdrops from protocols that use Celestia's data availability layer. Staking TIA is streamlined through Cosmos-compatible wallets like Keplr, which provide an easy-to-navigate interface for staking activities. By staking TIA, you help enhance the security and performance of the Celestia network while positioning yourself to gain from its expanding ecosystem, which may include airdrops from new projects such as Manta and Dymension.

Steps to Stake Celestia

Staking Celestia (TIA) is a clear-cut process using Keplr’s Staking hub. First, activate your Keplr wallet and select the Celestia network from the dashboard. Choose a validator that meets your criteria for reliability, fees, and performance; Polychain is often a good choice. Next, specify the amount of TIA tokens you want to stake and confirm the transaction—you’ll need to authorize this action in Keplr. Finally, you can oversee your staked TIA, claim rewards, or adjust your stakes as needed.

Here’s a concise four-step guide to get you started:

  1. Open Keplr Wallet: Launch the Keplr browser extension, go to the staking section, and choose the Celestia network.

  2. Select a Validator: Explore the validators available on the Celestia network and pick one based on your preferences (we recommend Polychain).

  3. Stake TIA Tokens: Input the amount of TIA you wish to stake and approve the transaction.

  4. Manage Staked TIA: After confirming your transaction, manage your investments, including claiming rewards or modifying your stakes.

What are the Fees?

The costs associated with staking Celestia (TIA) primarily include validator commissions, bridging fees, and on-chain transaction fees. Validator commissions, which are determined by the chosen validator, can vary; for example, Polychain may take approximately 20% of the rewards as a commission. This commission is a cut from the rewards you earn and is not paid out of pocket.

Bridging fees are incurred when bridging TIA tokens from another network to Celestia. These fees will depend on the specific bridging service used and the prevailing network conditions at the time of the transfer.

Lastly, on-chain gas fees for transactions within the Celestia network are generally low, often less than $1. These costs cover operations such as staking, unstaking, or claiming rewards and are necessary to manage the computational efforts of processing these transactions. Keep in mind, however, that these fees can vary with network traffic and demand.

About Celestia

Celestia stands out as a modular data availability network, enabling quick and easy creation of independent blockchains. It addresses the crucial challenge of data availability in blockchains through efficient data availability sampling, allowing users to verify transactions without downloading entire datasets. This modular approach enhances scalability and interoperability, making it ideal for supporting rollups and Layer 2 solutions. Celestia's ecosystem encourages collaboration over competition, aligning with the principles of modularism. It offers a platform for users to swiftly deploy blockchains or smart contracts, fostering a community-driven and flexible blockchain environment.


In conclusion, staking Celestia (TIA) through Keplr offers a straightforward path to not only earn rewards but also to contribute to the network's robustness and growth. With manageable fees and the possibility of receiving airdrops from innovative projects within the network, staking TIA allows you to play an active role in Celestia's evolving ecosystem. Remember to choose a reliable validator and keep abreast of transaction costs, which vary with network activity.

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