How to Bridge from Solana to Base

May 28, 2024

Bridging from Solana to Base opens up a world of new opportunities. Discover the simple yet effective methods to transfer your crypto holdings between these two leading blockchain ecosystems. #HowToBridgeSolanaToBase

Bridging assets from Solana to Base is best achieved through a trusted non-EVM to EVM bridge, such as Allbridge. This platform seamlessly connects with Solana and Ethereum wallets (e.g., Phantom and MetaMask), enabling fast transfers of USDC and USDT across both chains.

Allbridge boasts an impressive track record of over $1 billion in processed transactions and is recommended by the Solana Foundation. Its interoperability with over 10 EVM and non-EVM chains makes it one of the easiest ways to move between various layer 1 and 2 networks.

Can You Bridge from Solana to Base?

Yes, users can transfer assets between Solana and Base using a non-EVM to EVM compatible cross-chain bridge tailored for each ecosystem. This enables you to connect an EVM wallet like MetaMask and a Solana wallet like Phantom, facilitating the transfer of assets like USDC and USDT between both networks.

Steps to Bridge from Solana to Base

The recommended platform for direct Solana to Base transfers is Allbridge, known for being the top protocol for non-EVM to EVM transactions. This bridge supports USDC and USDT transfers and enables users to connect their Phantom, MetaMask, or Coinbase wallets. Allbridge’s success in handling over $1 billion across multiple blockchain transactions underscores its effectiveness and reliability for those needing to move assets between Solana and Base.

Here’s a simple guide to using Allbridge for asset transfer:

  1. Visit the Platform: Go to Allbridge and link your Web3 wallets, like MetaMask and Phantom.

  2. Choose Networks and Token: Identify 'Solana' as the starting point and 'Base' as the destination, then select the token for transfer.

  3. Set Amount and Approve: Enter the transfer quantity and confirm with 'Approve'.

  4. Conclude Transfer: Follow wallet prompts to finalize the bridge. Your assets will quickly move to Base, ensuring a smooth transition.

What are the Fees?

When moving assets from Solana to Base using Allbridge, a transaction fee of 0.3% is applied. Additionally, it's important to account for gas fees, which fluctuate according to network activity during the transaction. Although generally minimal, gas fees may increase somewhat for larger transfers.

Considering the transfer involves Solana, known for its efficiency and low-cost transactions, combined with the Base layer 2, the overall gas fees typically stay below $1. This makes Allbridge an attractive option for users seeking both affordability and secure asset transfers between these networks.


In conclusion, Allbridge is the recommended solution for bridging assets between Solana and Base, offering security, efficiency, and affordability. For users aiming to transfer USDC or USDT via wallets like Phantom and MetaMask while keeping transaction costs low, Allbridge provides a straightforward, dependable pathway for asset movement between these platforms.

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