How to Get Scroll Testnet Tokens

May 29, 2024

Learn how to easily obtain Scroll testnet tokens for your projects. Follow our simple steps to get started with Scroll's testnet environment.

Obtaining Scroll testnet tokens is straightforward and vital for developers crafting and testing applications within the Scroll ecosystem. By connecting a MetaMask wallet to platforms like QuickNode or Triangle, users can secure daily token allocations essential for their development tasks, ensuring a steady workflow and innovation in web3 development.

Can I Get Scroll Testnet Tokens?

Yes, acquiring Scroll testnet assets is achievable through trusted web3 faucet sources. Initially, link your MetaMask wallet to the Scroll testnet. Subsequently, navigate to a dedicated Scroll faucet and follow instructions to receive your assets. These assets are crucial for experimental activities, facilitating the exploration and development of smart contracts and decentralized applications within the Scroll ecosystem.

Steps to Get Scroll Testnet Tokens

Securing Scroll testnet tokens is essential for developers aiming to test applications, validate software, or launch smart contracts within the Scroll ecosystem. QuickNode stands out as the go-to web3 infrastructure facilitator, streamlining access to these critical resources.

Follow this structured guide to access tokens:

  1. Access QuickNode's Testnet Faucet: Navigate to QuickNode's faucet and initiate a connection with your MetaMask wallet.

  2. Configure MetaMask: Follow MetaMask’s setup guide to adjust for the Scroll testnet, ensuring it meets your project requirements.

  3. Engage with the Community: Optionally enhance your Scroll testnet token balance by sharing insights or feedback about QuickNode on social platforms.

  4. Finalize the Transaction: Upon completion, the tokens will promptly appear in your MetaMask wallet, ready for use.

Scroll Faucet Limit

QuickNode's Scroll Layer 2 faucet offers a daily allowance of 0.001 ETH, crafted to assist users in their network testing and development on the Scroll platform. This limit is strategically set to balance the efficient use of resources with the needs of developers, ensuring they have adequate funds for key daily tasks like deploying smart contracts and testing applications. This system maintains a stable, equally distributed, and effective development environment within the Scroll ecosystem.

Scroll Testnet Faucet Alternatives

For those seeking alternative crypto faucets for Scroll testnet ETH, Triangle stands out as a highly recommended option. Like QuickNode, Triangle provides a daily allocation of 0.001 ETH, ensuring a steady supply of resources. This uniformity in asset distribution across different services ensures that developers and testers consistently have the tools for their projects on the Scroll testnet. Triangle is particularly noted for its reliability, fostering a supportive and easily navigable development environment within the Scroll ecosystem.


Acquiring Scroll testnet tokens is streamlined, providing essential resources for developers within the Scroll ecosystem. Through QuickNode and alternatives like Triangle, users can easily connect their MetaMask wallet and follow steps for daily token allocations. This process ensures consistent access to tokens for project development and testing, highlighting the Scroll ecosystem's dedication to supporting innovation in web3 development.

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