How to Bridge from Polygon to Solana

May 24, 2024

Seamlessly move your crypto assets from Polygon to Solana with our step-by-step guide. Learn the easiest way to bridge between these two leading blockchain networks.

Bridging assets from Polygon to Solana is efficiently managed through Rango Exchange, an adaptable platform that seamlessly links EVM and non-EVM networks. Compatible with wallets like MetaMask and Phantom, Rango facilitates quick transfers of popular tokens such as USDT and USDC.

With over $2 billion in processed transactions to its credit, Rango Exchange stands out for its operational efficiency. Its capacity to pool liquidity from various sources ensures optimal routing, positioning it as a top choice for transfers across diverse blockchain networks.

Can You Bridge from Polygon to Solana?

Yes, transferring cryptocurrencies from Polygon to Solana is possible through a cross-chain bridge that supports transfers between EVM and non-EVM blockchains. This technology enables you to connect a Polygon-compatible wallet, like MetaMask, to a Solana-compatible wallet, such as Phantom, allowing for efficient token transactions. This bridge method also facilitates the transfer of popular assets, including USDT and other ERC-20 tokens, into the Solana ecosystem.

How to Bridge from Polygon to Solana

Transferring assets from Polygon to Solana is streamlined through platforms like Rango Exchange, a leading cross-chain DEX aggregator that links over 50 chains, including those of Polygon and Solana. It ensures optimal routing for asset transfers, managing over $2 billion in transactions. This system smoothly moves popular tokens like USDC, USDT, and WETH from Polygon's Ethereum-based network to Solana's unique Rust-based ecosystem.

Here's how to initiate the transfer in four steps:

  1. Access Rango Exchange: Visit the official Rango Exchange website.

  2. Configure Chains and Wallets: Select Polygon as your starting chain, set Solana as your destination, and connect your wallets (like MetaMask for Polygon and Phantom for Solana).

  3. Select Assets: Choose the token and quantity you want to transfer.

  4. Complete the Transfer: Review and confirm the transaction details, hit 'Send', and then check your Solana wallet to find the transferred assets, typically arriving within 10 minutes.


Transferring assets from Polygon to Solana involves variable fees, primarily influenced by differing onchain gas costs. Typically, Polygon's fees are lower compared to high-cost networks like Ethereum, with charges usually ranging from several cents to a few dollars, dependent on the network's congestion and demand.

Rango Exchange facilitates these transactions and charges a 0.15% fee per transfer. It stands out for its efficient aggregation of liquidity across bridges, pinpointing cost-effective routes for asset transfers. This strategy secures a more economical and streamlined process for moving funds between the two networks.


In summary, bridging assets from Polygon to Solana is straightforward and cost-effective with platforms like Rango Exchange, which optimizes transfer routes across multiple blockchains. By connecting the right wallets and selecting assets, users can quickly move popular cryptocurrencies like USDC and USDT. With fees influenced by current network conditions, and Rango charging just 0.15% per transaction, this method not only facilitates seamless cross-chain transactions but also ensures optimal capital efficiency.

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