How To Bridge From Polygon To Arbitrum

May 24, 2024

"Expand your crypto portfolio across chains. Discover the easy way to bridge your assets from Polygon to Arbitrum and access the growing opportunities in the Arbitrum ecosystem. "

For secure and capital-efficient transfers from Polygon to Arbitrum, consider using The platform integrates seamlessly with MetaMask and other Web3 wallets, allowing for straightforward transfers of prominent tokens like MATIC and USDC.

Having processed over $2 billion in transactions, has established itself as a dependable platform in the industry. Its support for a broad range of networks further solidifies its role in facilitating efficient cross-chain transactions.

Can You Bridge From Polygon To Arbitrum?

Yes, you can easily transfer assets between layer 2 networks like Polygon and Arbitrum using specialized cross-chain bridges. These bridges accommodate leading wallets like MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet, allowing moves of popular cryptocurrencies, including MATIC, USDT, and ETH. As Arbitrum and Polygon both support the EVM infrastructure, various trusted bridge services are readily available for transfers.

How To Bridge From Polygon To Arbitrum

For a secure bridge from the Polygon network to Arbitrum, it's essential to select a bridge that is reputable and rigorously audited. is a favored choice thanks to its reliable and efficient bridging capabilities within this sector. With a history of facilitating transactions totaling more than $2 billion, provides exceptional security, cost-effective fees, and broad support for various tokens, including ETH, USDC, and other tokens.

Here are the steps to bridge from Polygon to Arbitrum using

  1. Access a Bridge: Go to and connect your MetaMask or another Web3 wallet.

  2. Select Chains and Token: Choose 'Polygon' as your starting chain and 'Arbitrum' as your target chain. Then, pick the token you want to bridge.

  3. Input Amount and Approve: Enter the amount you want to send and press 'Approve'.

  4. Finalize the Transfer: Follow the prompts in your wallet to complete the transaction.


Transferring assets between Polygon and Arbitrum via incurs a nominal transaction fee of 0.19%. It's also important to consider gas fees, which vary based on network congestion at the time of your transaction. Generally, these fees are modest but may rise for larger transfers.

Notably, both Polygon and Arbitrum are low-cost layer 2 optimistic rollups, so the total gas fees typically remain below $1. This positions as a cost-effective choice for bridging between these networks, providing a balance of affordability and secure transactions for its users.


In conclusion, bridging assets between Polygon and Arbitrum is straightforward and cost-efficient using reliable services like With support for major wallets and a variety of cryptocurrencies, this platform offers a robust security framework and competitive fees, making it an excellent choice for users seeking to transfer value across these two layer 2 networks.

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