How to Bridge to Sui

May 29, 2024

Ready to experience the future of blockchain? Our comprehensive guide shows you how to bridge to the Sui network in just a few clicks. Diversify your portfolio and access Sui's fast, scalable, and developer-friendly ecosystem.

Efficient and Secure Bridging to Sui with Portal Bridge

Bridging assets to Sui is both efficient and secure, facilitated by cross-chain bridges like Portal Bridge. These services are compatible with MetaMask and Sui-compatible wallets, simplifying the transfer of funds from popular chains such as Ethereum or BNB Chain. The fees for performing these transactions vary based on the network and their localized gas fees.

Can I Bridge to Sui?

Yes, Sui supports the transfer of digital assets through trusted cross-chain bridges that accommodate their innovative Move programming language. Platforms like Portal Bridge enable users to bridge assets like WETH, USDT, and USDC to Sui by connecting with Sui-compatible wallets and alternative wallets like MetaMask. Selecting a secure and audited bridging protocol ensures that cross-chain transactions are safe and promptly executed.

How to Bridge to Sui

To transfer assets to Sui's blockchain, selecting a dependable bridge is crucial. We recommend using the Portal Bridge for its robust security, cost-saving transaction fees, and compatibility with multiple chains. Here’s how to seamlessly bridge assets to Sui:

  1. Launch Portal Bridge: Visit the Portal Bridge website and connect your chosen wallet.

  2. Select Chains: Choose 'Ethereum mainnet' as your source and 'Sui' as your destination blockchain.

  3. Choose Token and Amount: Select the asset you wish to bridge, enter the amount, and click 'Next'.

  4. Follow Wallet Instructions: Complete the instructions on your wallet interface to securely transfer to the Sui network.

Sui Bridging Fees

The cost of bridging assets to Sui's blockchain can vary based on the originating chain. Transferring from prominent chains like Ethereum may incur higher fees, influenced by current network conditions and gas prices, typically averaging around $15 to $25. However, using other blockchains directly compatible with Sui or other Layer 1 networks, transaction costs tend to be more economical, often ranging from $3 to $7.

When utilizing the Portal Bridge for transfers, the service fee is remarkably low, generally about $0.0001 per transaction. This nominal fee makes Portal an attractive option for cost-effective and efficient cross-chain asset transfers to the Sui network.

About Sui

Sui, distinguished by its object-centric design, deviates from traditional account-based blockchains by using programmable objects to store data, representing unique user assets directly on-chain. This innovative approach supports varied transaction types and simplifies asset ownership transfers. With a notable total value locked (TVL) of $115 billion, Sui demonstrates significant market trust and utility.

Sui's platform combines dynamic smart contract fields with advanced security measures like zero-knowledge proofs, ensuring flexibility and privacy. Powered by the SUI token, with a capped supply of 10 billion, it plays a key role in network security and governance. The Delegated Proof-of-Stake mechanism underlines Sui's dedication to decentralized and user-centric governance.


In conclusion, bridging assets to Sui is straightforward and accessible, offering a secure pathway via the Portal Bridge for transferring digital assets such as WETH, USDT, and USDC. As the most popular bridge for Sui by volume, Portal Bridge is well-audited and capital-efficient, making it significantly cheaper than other bridges.

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