How to Bridge to Sei

May 24, 2024

For those looking to transfer assets to the Sei Network, the best option is to use the official Sei Bridge. This bridge is powered by Wormhole and facilitates the secure migration of tokens from different networks, such as Ethereum. This platform offers compatibility with popular wallets like MetaMask and Compass.

It's important to monitor the fees, which can vary depending on the origin blockchain and the size of the transaction. Being aware of these charges will help you manage your costs more effectively when using the Sei network.

Can You Bridge to Sei?

Yes, transferring assets to Sei is possible through the use of a cross-chain bridge that supports Cosmos IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) networks. To conduct a successful transfer, you must select a bridging platform that accommodates both Sei and your origin blockchain, where your assets are stored. This method facilitates the connection of wallets like MetaMask and Compass for Sei, allowing for safe transfers of ETH and other popular assets.

Steps to Bridge to Sei

The official Sei Bridge is a reliable platform for those looking to bridge assets to Sei. It connects with various Cosmos SDK chains, including Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Osmosis, enabling fast token transfers between networks. The platform supports multiple bridging cryptocurrencies like USDC, ETH, and WBTC.

Here’s a straightforward guide on how to use Sei Bridge:

  1. Access the Sei Bridge: Go to the Sei Bridge website and link your wallet, such as Compass or MetaMask.

  2. Choose Your Cryptocurrency: On the interface, select the cryptocurrency you intend to send to the Sei Network.

  3. Start the Transfer: Input the amount you want to bridge and initiate the transfer by clicking ‘Bridge’.

  4. Complete the Transaction: Follow the instructions displayed on your wallet to complete the bridging process, ensuring your assets are successfully transferred.


When transferring assets to Sei, the main expense you'll incur is the network gas fees, which fluctuate depending on the activity level of the originating blockchain. The official Sei Bridge does not add any extra charges on top of these gas fees for using its bridging service. To better understand the total costs involved, it’s wise to check the latest gas prices on the blockchain you’re transferring assets from before you start the bridging process to Sei.

About Sei

Sei is a high-speed, open-source Layer 1 blockchain designed to exchange digital assets. It's not just a DeFi chain; its services include gaming, social, NFTs, and broader digital asset exchanges. By introducing novel consensus mechanisms and technical innovations, Sei establishes itself as the industry's fastest blockchain, offering unique features like twin-turbo consensus, market-based parallelization, a native matching engine, and robust frontrunning protection.


To effectively bridge to Sei, use the official Sei Bridge for a secure transfer of digital assets from networks like Ethereum and Cosmos. This process involves minimal fees, mainly network gas charges, ensuring an affordable transaction. Sei's infrastructure promises fast, reliable exchanges across various applications, making it a top choice for users seeking enhanced trading experiences in crypto.

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