How to Bridge to Evmos

May 28, 2024

Explore the Evmos blockchain with confidence. Our comprehensive tutorial walks you through the seamless process of bridging your tokens to Evmos. Discover new DeFi possibilities and expand your crypto horizons.

Transferring assets to Evmos can be efficiently achieved through the use of compatible cross-chain bridges such as Gravity Bridge, which supports seamless token transfers from networks like Ethereum. This process involves connecting suitable wallets, selecting the destination chain, and specifying transaction details.

Keep in mind the variable fees influenced by the originating blockchain and the size of the transaction for cost-effective transfers into the Evmos decentralized network.

Can You Bridge to Evmos?

Yes, you can bridge assets to Evmos by utilizing a compatible cross-chain bridge. This process requires selecting a bridge that supports both Evmos and the blockchain where your assets are currently stored, such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, or Polygon. Begin by connecting your existing wallet, such as MetaMask, to a wallet that is compatible with Evmos. Through this method, you can securely transfer your assets into the Evmos decentralized ecosystem.

How to Bridge to Evmos

To effectively transfer your digital assets to the Evmos ecosystem, it is essential to use a reliable cross-chain decentralized exchange that supports Evmos-based blockchains. A standout choice in this space is Gravity Bridge. Developed by the Cosmos Foundation, Gravity Bridge offers efficient and economical transfers of various tokens from Ethereum networks to the Evmos network.

Follow this concise step-by-step guide to bridge your assets using Gravity Bridge:

  1. Access the Portal: Visit the Gravity Bridge portal and connect your MetaMask and Evmos-compatible wallets.

  2. Select Destination Chain: Choose Evmos as your destination from the list of supported networks.

  3. Choose Token and Amount: Select the token you wish to bridge and specify the amount.

  4. Confirm Transaction: Review the transaction details carefully, confirm your action, and typically in under 10 minutes, your tokens will appear in your Evmos wallet.

What are the Fees?

The fees for bridging to the Evmos network depend on the originating blockchain. Transferring assets from Ethereum often incurs higher gas fees due to its heavy network demand, typically around $20. However, moving assets from blockchains that are more integrated with Evmos usually results in lower fees, ranging between $1 to $5.

Evmos also charges a small cross-chain transfer fee, usually under $0.01, balancing network efficiency with user affordability. For larger transactions, particularly those exceeding $10,000, be mindful of potential slippage which can affect the final value of your transferred assets.

What is Evmos?

Evmos is an innovative blockchain platform that serves as an Ethereum Canary Chain, allowing developers to deploy advanced applications by merging Ethereum's functionalities with the power of IBC and Interchain composability. With over 212,000 monthly active users, 900,000 monthly transactions, and hosting 250+ apps and services, Evmos offers a unique environment that combines EVM compatibility and cross-chain connectivity from the Cosmos ecosystem. This platform empowers builders with familiar Ethereum-based tools and an infinitely scalable, multi-chain architecture, facilitating the creation of future-oriented dApps and application-specific EVM chains.


In conclusion, bridging assets to the Evmos ecosystem is accessible and efficient when using compatible cross-chain bridges like Gravity Bridge. Start by connecting your existing wallets, choose your desired destination chain, select the token and amount, and confirm your transaction. Keep in mind the varied bridging fees, which are influenced by the originating blockchain and transaction size. By following these guidelines, you can smoothly integrate your digital assets into the Evmos decentralized network, keeping costs manageable and transaction processes clear.

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