How to Bridge to Bitcoin


May 21, 2024

Bridging to Bitcoin has never been easier. Explore our comprehensive tutorial on how to seamlessly transfer your funds and begin leveraging the security, transparency, and global accessibility of the Bitcoin network. Master the bridge to Bitcoin and unlock new financial opportunities.

Bridging to Bitcoin, particularly with BRC-20 tokens, is possible through platforms like MultiBit Bridge, which connects Bitcoin to Ethereum and other EVM networks. This integration fosters enhanced interoperability and liquidity within the blockchain ecosystem.

Users should be aware of the associated costs, including variable network fees and transaction fees, that contribute to the operational efficiency and security of their cross-chain transactions.

Can I Bridge to Bitcoin?

Yes, you can bridge to Bitcoin through compatible cross-chain platforms that support its unique requirements, particularly for BRC-20 tokens, which use Ordinals and Inscriptions rather than traditional smart contracts. These protocols enable secure transfers to Bitcoin from a range of chains like Ethereum or Arbitrum, improving Bitcoin’s interoperability with the broader on-chain ecosystem.

Steps to Bridge to Bitcoin (BRC-20)

MultiBit provides a powerful gateway for transferring assets to Bitcoin, especially BRC-20 tokens. It is the most popular bridge that links Bitcoin with popular EVM networks like Ethereum, Base, Polygon, and others, facilitating secure transfers of tokens across networks. By connecting ERC-20 tokens with BRC-20 tokens, MultiBit greatly enhances the liquidity of BRC-20s and supports the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

  1. Website Access: Visit the MultiBit website and link your MetaMask and BRC-20 wallet.

  2. Asset Selection: Choose the asset you want to send to the Bitcoin network from the bridging interface.

  3. Transfer Initiation: Specify the amount you want to bridge, and start the transfer by clicking 'Bridge'.

  4. Transaction Confirmation: Follow the prompts in your wallet to complete the transfer, ensuring a smooth bridging process.


It is important to clearly understand the associated costs of a cross-chain transaction to Bitcoin. Platforms such as MultiBit typically charge a transaction fee for a cross-chain swap. Specifically, MultiBit applies a 0.2% fee to transactions, which benefits the liquidity providers. This fee is vital for sustaining the bridge’s operational efficiency and liquidity.

Another factor affecting costs is the network fee, which varies depending on the blockchain and the timing of the transfer. For instance, a transfer from Ethereum to Bitcoin might reach up to $20 if the network is congested. In contrast, transfers from layer 2 networks like Base or Arbitrum typically cost less than $1, reflecting their generally lower fee structure.

What is MultiBit?

MultiBit is the most popular Bitcoin bridge, designed to facilitate the transfer of BRC-20 tokens between the Bitcoin ecosystem and EVM networks, breaking down interoperability barriers. It has handled transactions totaling over $550 million, ensuring security with multisig cold wallets and an approval-based withdrawal method to protect users' assets and maintain transparency in all operations.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, bridging to Bitcoin, especially with BRC-20 tokens, is effectively supported by platforms such as MultiBit Bridge. This service enhances Bitcoin’s integration with various Ethereum Virtual Machine networks by simplifying the secure transfer of assets. Users engaging in such transactions sh

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