How to Bridge to Astar zkEVM


May 21, 2024

Bridging to Astar's zkEVM made easy. Discover the simple process to connect your wallet and access the high-performance, low-cost transactions of this Ethereum-compatible network.

For securely bridging assets to Astar zkEVM, users can utilize Layerswap, a robust cross-chain bridge known for its efficient transfer capabilities. This platform supports smooth transfers of cryptocurrencies like ETH, USDT, and more from Ethereum, Arbitrum, Base, and other EVM-compatible networks directly to Astar zkEVM.

It's important to note that Layerswap charges a modest service fee of 0.03% plus standard network gas fees.

Can I Bridge to Astar zkEVM?

Yes, transferring assets to the Astar zkEVM network is simple using dedicated cross-chain bridges. These bridges allow for the smooth transition of assets from various wallets like MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet, facilitating the transfer of cryptocurrencies such as ETH and USDT to Astar zkEVM. Its compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) establishes Astar zkEVM as a strong Layer 2 option, backed by numerous reliable bridge services.

Steps to Bridge to Astar zkEVM

For secure transfers of digital assets to Astar zkEVM, we recommend using Layerswap, a dependable third-party bridge. This platform is known for enabling asset transfers from Ethereum, Arbitrum, Base, and 10 other Ethereum-compatible networks directly to Astar zkEVM. It seamlessly integrates with popular wallets such as MetaMask and Coinbase, adding to its ease of use.

  1. Access Layerswap: Visit the Layerswap website to start the process.

  2. Connect Your Wallet: Link your preferred wallet, like MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet, to Layerswap.

  3. Select and Transfer Assets: Choose the assets you want to bridge, enter the amount, and initiate the transfer.

  4. Wait for Confirmation: The transaction will complete after processing, and the assets will appear in your Astar zkEVM wallet.


When transferring assets to Astar zkEVM via Layerswap, it's crucial to understand the fees involved. Layerswap imposes a modest service fee of 0.06%, alongside the typical network gas fees, ensuring transparency and predictability in each transaction.

The cost to bridge assets from networks like Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Base to Astar zkEVM can vary, primarily due to fluctuating network gas fees. From our findings, a transfer from Ethereum might cost up to $20, while moving assets from a Layer 2 network such as Arbitrum may be under $2 per cross-chain swap.

What is Astar zkEVM?

Astar zkEVM is a zero-knowledge scaling solution designed for Ethereum that offers an environment identical to Ethereum's Virtual Machine (EVM). This allows existing EVM-compatible smart contracts, developer tools, and wallets to operate without modifications. By using zero-knowledge proofs, Astar zkEVM enhances transaction throughput and reduces costs, all while maintaining the security features of Ethereum.


To effectively bridge your digital assets to Astar zkEVM, Layerswap offers a reliable solution with its straightforward platform. By facilitating asset transfers from networks like Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Base, Layerswap enhances your ability to work with a variety of cryptocurrencies including ETH and USDT. It’s important to account for a service fee of 0.06% and standard network gas fees which vary depending on the blockchain utilized.

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