How to Bridge from Arbitrum to Solana

May 24, 2024

Expand your crypto horizons! Discover the simple process of transferring your funds from Arbitrum to Solana, allowing you to diversify your portfolio and access the vibrant Solana ecosystem.

Bridging assets from Arbitrum to Solana is best achieved through, a platform that connects EVM and non-EVM networks. Compatible with wallets like MetaMask and Phantom, ensures rapid transfers of crucial tokens such as USDT and USDC.

With over $2 billion in processed transactions, is celebrated for its operational excellence and trust within the community. It supports over 17 layer 1 and layer 2 chains, making it a flexible bridge for users' cross-chain needs.

Can You Bridge From Arbitrum To Solana?

Yes, transferring cryptocurrencies from Arbitrum to Solana can be achieved through a cross-chain bridge, facilitating exchanges between EVM layer 2 networks and non-EVM blockchains. Using this service, you can link an EVM-compatible wallet, for instance, MetaMask, with a wallet that supports Solana, such as Phantom. This method enables a smooth transfer of tokens, such as WETH, USDT, and more, into the Solana network.

How To Bridge From Arbitrum To Solana

For those bridging assets between Arbitrum and Solana, offers a reliable and efficient option. The platform supports transactions across 17 EVM and non-EVM chains and layer 2’s, boasting over $2 billion in completed transactions. allows users to easily connect their Web 3 wallet and swap ETH, USDC, USDT, and other tokens cross-chain.

Here are the simple steps to use for asset transfers:

  1. Access Visit the platform and connect your Web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask or Phantom).

  2. Select Networks and Token: Choose 'Arbitrum' as your starting network, 'Solana' as the target. Then select the desired token for transfer.

  3. Input Amount and Approve: Enter your transfer amount and click 'Approve' to allow the transaction.

  4. Complete the Transfer: Follow your wallet's prompts to finish the asset transfer to Solana.


When transferring assets from Arbitrum to Solana using, users are charged a moderate fee of 0.19%. Additionally, gas fees apply, which fluctuate based on network congestion and demand. While these fees generally remain low, they can increase with larger transactions.

Both Arbitrum and Solana have structured their fee setups to be efficient, aiming to maintain reasonable overall gas fees. This cost-effectiveness, alongside the quick and dependable services of, makes it an attractive option for cost-conscious and reliable network transfers.


In conclusion, is a versatile and reliable bridge for transferring assets between Arbitrum and Solana. With over $2 billion in processed transactions, the platform's compatibility with major wallets like MetaMask and Phantom, and support for 17 blockchains, simplifies the cross-chain transfer process.

Its low fees, combined with a straightforward and efficient user interface, make a superior choice for those seeking to move tokens like USDT and USDC swiftly and securely across networks.

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