how to add Theta Network to Coinbase wallet

Apr 29, 2024

Guide on adding Theta Network to your Coinbase Wallet in 2024, participating in the next evolution of video streaming technology on the blockchain.

To add Theta Network (THETA) to your Coinbase Wallet in 2024, ensure your Coinbase Wallet app is up to date. Open the app and navigate to the ‘Receive’ section. Search for Theta Network or THETA in the cryptocurrency list. If Theta Network is supported, it will appear in the search results. Select it to access your THETA wallet address or QR code. Use this address to transfer THETA from another wallet or exchange, making sure to check the network compatibility to ensure a successful transfer of THETA to your Coinbase Wallet.

What Is Theta Network?

Theta Network is a leading video delivery network powered by blockchain technology. It enables users to earn rewards by sharing excess bandwidth and computing resources on a peer-to-peer (P2P) basis. Theta's innovative protocol facilitates high-quality, smooth video streaming, reduces the costs of delivering video streams, and improves the overall user experience. Its native token, THETA, is used for governance and transactions within the network.

Steps to Add Theta Network to Your Coinbase Wallet

  1. Update Your Coinbase Wallet App: Verify that you're using the latest version of the Coinbase Wallet app available for your device.

  2. Open the Coinbase Wallet App: Launch the app.

  3. Navigate to the 'Receive' Section: Look for and tap on the ‘Receive’ option within the app.

  4. Search for Theta Network: Type "Theta Network" or "THETA" in the search bar. If Theta Network is supported, it should appear in the list of available cryptocurrencies.

  5. Select Theta Network (THETA): Choose Theta Network from the search results to see your THETA wallet address or QR code.

  6. Copy Your THETA Wallet Address: Copy the address to your clipboard or use the QR code for transactions.

  7. Transfer THETA to Your Wallet: Use the copied address or QR code to transfer THETA from another wallet or exchange. Ensure the transaction is done on the correct network to avoid any issues.

  8. Confirm the Transaction: Wait for the transaction to be processed. The time it takes can vary based on the network's congestion.

  9. Verify Your THETA Balance: Once the transaction is confirmed, check your balance in the Coinbase Wallet to ensure it reflects the new amount of THETA.

Why Add Theta Network to Coinbase Wallet?

Adding Theta Network to your Coinbase Wallet allows you to participate in a unique blockchain-based video delivery ecosystem. Holding THETA not only provides potential investment opportunities but also enables participation in the network’s governance. Theta's focus on improving video streaming quality and efficiency presents a compelling use case for blockchain technology in the multimedia sector.


Incorporating Theta Network into your Coinbase Wallet in 2024 offers the chance to engage with an innovative and growing blockchain project. As the demand for decentralized video streaming solutions increases, Theta Network is well-positioned to play a significant role in this space, making THETA a valuable addition to any crypto portfolio. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily add THETA to your Coinbase Wallet and begin participating in the Theta ecosystem.

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