how to add moonriver to Coinbase wallet

Apr 28, 2024

Learn how to add Moonriver to your Coinbase Wallet in 2024, enhancing your DeFi capabilities on the Kusama network for Ethereum-compatible dApps.

To add Moonriver (MOVR) to your Coinbase Wallet in 2024, make sure that your Coinbase Wallet app is up to date. Open the app and navigate to the ‘Receive’ section. Search for Moonriver or MOVR in the cryptocurrency list. If Moonriver is supported, it will appear in the search results. Select it to view your MOVR wallet address or QR code. Use this address to transfer MOVR from another wallet or exchange, ensuring network compatibility for a successful transfer of MOVR to your Coinbase Wallet.

What Is Moonriver?

Moonriver is a fully Ethereum-compatible blockchain environment on the Kusama network, designed to be a companion network to Moonbeam, providing a permanently incentivized canary network. It offers developers the flexibility to test new code under real economic conditions before deploying it on Moonbeam in the Polkadot ecosystem. By supporting Ethereum's existing developer toolchain and network, Moonriver minimizes the changes required to run existing Solidity smart contracts on the platform, facilitating an easy migration process for Ethereum projects and developers.

Steps to Add Moonriver to Your Coinbase Wallet

  1. Update Your Coinbase Wallet App: Ensure you're using the latest version of the Coinbase Wallet app on your device.

  2. Open the Coinbase Wallet App: Launch the app.

  3. Navigate to the 'Receive' Section: Access the ‘Receive’ option within the app.

  4. Search for Moonriver: Enter "Moonriver" or "MOVR" in the search bar. Moonriver should appear in the list of cryptocurrencies if it's supported.

  5. Select Moonriver (MOVR): Choose Moonriver from the search results to access your MOVR wallet address or QR code.

  6. Copy Your MOVR Wallet Address: Copy the wallet address to your clipboard or use the QR code for transactions.

  7. Transfer MOVR to Your Wallet: Use the copied address or QR code to transfer MOVR from another wallet or exchange. Make sure the transaction is conducted on the appropriate network.

  8. Confirm the Transaction: Await the processing of the transaction, which could vary depending on network congestion.

  9. Verify Your MOVR Balance: Once the transaction is confirmed, check your Coinbase Wallet to ensure the MOVR balance reflects the new amount.

Why Add Moonriver to Coinbase Wallet?

Adding Moonriver to your Coinbase Wallet enables you to engage with one of the most innovative projects in the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystems. Holding MOVR allows you to participate in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, support new projects during their test phase on Moonriver, and benefit from the growth of the network. Moonriver's Ethereum compatibility also offers a seamless transition for Ethereum developers and projects looking to expand into the Polkadot ecosystem.


By adding Moonriver to your Coinbase Wallet in 2024, you're positioning yourself at the intersection of innovation and interoperability within the blockchain space. As the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystems continue to grow, Moonriver stands out as a critical component for developers and users seeking a scalable, developer-friendly platform. Following the steps outlined above, you can easily add MOVR to your Coinbase Wallet and start exploring the vast possibilities within the Moonriver ecosystem.

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