how to add mina to trust wallet

Apr 28, 2024

Seamlessly integrate Mina into Trust Wallet for scalable and verifiable transactions, utilizing zero-knowledge proofs to maintain a lightweight blockchain while preserving security

Mina Protocol, known as the world's lightest blockchain, introduces a novel approach to decentralized technology. Its compact blockchain size is designed to maintain efficiency and accessibility, ensuring that participants can quickly sync and verify the network. Trust Wallet, with its emphasis on user-friendly interfaces and support for a broad spectrum of cryptocurrencies, provides an ideal environment for securely managing Mina Protocol's native token, MINA. This guide outlines the process for seamlessly integrating Mina Protocol into Trust Wallet, enabling users to engage fully with the Mina ecosystem.

What is Mina Protocol

Mina Protocol stands out in the blockchain landscape for its minimal blockchain size, enabling full nodes to operate on lightweight devices. This design philosophy ensures that the network remains accessible and scalable, promoting greater decentralization and security. Mina's commitment to privacy and efficiency positions it as a pivotal player in the ongoing evolution of blockchain technology.

Incorporating Mina Protocol into your Trust Wallet unlocks opportunities to interact with the Mina ecosystem, offering both convenience and accessibility. Beyond mere token storage, adding Mina Protocol allows for participation in its innovative, lightweight blockchain system, empowering users to diversify their digital asset portfolio directly from their mobile device.

Before beginning the integration process, make sure your Trust Wallet is up to date to ensure full compatibility with all features. Additionally, it's important to have a small amount of BNB or ETH in your wallet to cover any transaction fees that may arise during the process, ensuring a smooth experience.

How to Addi Mina Protocol to Trust Wallet    

  1. Launch Trust Wallet and navigate to the main wallet screen.    

  2. Tap the "+" icon in the top right corner to open the search function.   

  3. Type "Mina Protocol" or "MINA" in the search bar. If MINA does not appear in the search results, you will need to add it manually by selecting "Add Custom Token".    

  4. For network selection, choose "Custom Token", and then input the Mina Protocol's mainnet details. As of the last update, Trust Wallet may not directly support Mina's network for token storage, so this step is speculative and based on the assumption that Trust Wallet could add this feature or has added it.  

  5. Enter the specific details for Mina Protocol, including the contract address, token name (Mina Protocol), symbol (MINA), and decimals. Note: Since Mina Protocol operates on its unique blockchain, the actual process may differ, and specific network support in Trust Wallet would be required.    

  6. Confirm the addition of Mina Protocol to your Trust Wallet by saving the custom token information. Verify its presence within your wallet interface.

Can I Add Mina Protocol to Trust Wallet?

Directly adding Mina Protocol (MINA) to Trust Wallet depends on the current support provided by the Trust Wallet platform for the Mina blockchain. Users interested in managing MINA or interacting with the Mina network should check the latest updates from Trust Wallet for the most accurate information.

What to Do After Adding Mina Protocol

Upon successfully integrating Mina Protocol into Trust Wallet, and assuming direct interaction capabilities, you can manage your MINA tokens, participate in network validation, or explore dApps within the Mina ecosystem, leveraging the unique features of the world's lightest blockchain.

Safety Tips

Security is paramount when engaging with blockchain technologies. Always protect your private keys, double-check transaction details before confirmation, and interact only with trusted smart contracts and dApps to ensure a safe and secure experience with Mina Protocol and Trust Wallet.


While integrating Mina Protocol into Trust Wallet represents more than just a technical process, it is a significant step toward engaging with the innovative Mina ecosystem. This guide provides the necessary knowledge to integrate Mina Protocol into Trust Wallet, fostering exploration and active participation within the burgeoning field of lightweight and efficient blockchain technology.

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