how to add Internet Computer to trust wallet

Apr 28, 2024

Add Internet Computer to Trust Wallet for decentralized application (dApp) development and access to its scalable and interoperable blockchain network, empowering developers to build.

The Internet Computer is a revolutionary blockchain network that aims to extend the functionality of the internet, providing a limitless environment for smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) to run at web speed, directly on the internet. Developed by the DFINITY Foundation, the Internet Computer represents a major leap forward in blockchain technology, offering scalability, speed, and security. Trust Wallet, known for its user-friendly interface and multi-currency support, serves as an ideal platform for managing digital assets securely, including the Internet Computer's native token, ICP. This guide elucidates the process of seamlessly integrating the Internet Computer into Trust Wallet, enabling users to tap into the full potential of the Internet Computer network.

Internet Computer

The Internet Computer is a groundbreaking public blockchain and protocol that aims to reinvent the internet as a computer to host secure software and dApps. Developed by the DFINITY Foundation, it seeks to address the limitations of traditional blockchains and the internet, offering a scalable, fast, and secure platform for the next generation of digital services.

Prior to initiating the integration process, ensure that your Trust Wallet is updated to the latest version to seamlessly support all features. Additionally, maintaining a balance of BNB or ETH in your wallet might be necessary for other blockchain interactions, but note that ICP operates on its own network.

How to Add Internet Computer to Trust Wallet    

  1. Open Trust Wallet and navigate to the wallet tab to begin the process.    

  2. Tap on the top right corner to access the token search function.    

  3. Search for Internet Computer. In case ICP doesn't appear in the search results, it indicates that direct support may not be available in Trust Wallet at this time.    

  4. For the latest information on support for ICP within Trust Wallet, please refer to the Trust Wallet community or support pages.    

  5. To manage ICP or interact with the Internet Computer network, consider using the Internet Computer's native wallet or other wallets that offer direct support for ICP.

Can I Add Internet Computer to Trust Wallet?

Direct integration of the Internet Computer (ICP) into Trust Wallet depends on the current support provided by the Trust Wallet platform. Users interested in managing ICP or interacting with the Internet Computer network should consult the latest updates from Trust Wallet for the most accurate information.

Why Add Internet Computer to Trust Wallet?

Adding the Internet Computer to your Trust Wallet opens up avenues to engage with the Internet Computer ecosystem, providing accessibility and convenience. Beyond simple token storage, incorporating the Internet Computer facilitates participation in governance, staking, and various dApps, empowering users to diversify their digital asset portfolio directly from their mobile device.

What to Do After Adding Internet Computer

If Trust Wallet supports Internet Computer, managing ICP and interacting with the Internet Computer ecosystem can significantly enhance your blockchain experience. Engage with dApps, participate in the network governance, and explore the benefits of a blockchain that runs at web speed.

Safety Tips

When navigating the blockchain landscape, prioritizing security is paramount. Keep your private keys private, double-check addresses before sending tokens, and only interact with trusted smart contracts and dApps. Whether using Trust Wallet or another platform, these safety measures are crucial for a secure experience.


While the integration of the Internet Computer into Trust Wallet requires confirmation of current support, understanding the process and benefits of adding such innovative networks to your wallet enhances your readiness to engage with the blockchain world. The Internet Computer's unique offerings in scalability, speed, and security highlight the diverse capabilities of modern blockchain technology.

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