how to add Huobi Token to Coinbase wallet

Apr 28, 2024

Adding Huobi Token to your Coinbase Wallet in 2024 is simple. Follow our guide to integrate HT for reduced fees and rewards on Huobi Global.

To add Huobi Token (HT) to your Coinbase Wallet in 2024, ensure your Coinbase Wallet app is up to date. Open the app and proceed to the ‘Receive’ section. Search for Huobi Token or HT in the cryptocurrency list. If Huobi Token is supported, it will appear in the search results. Select it to view your HT wallet address or QR code. Use this address to transfer HT from another wallet or exchange. Always check the network compatibility to ensure a smooth transfer of HT to your Coinbase Wallet.

What Is Huobi Token?

Huobi Token (HT) is the native cryptocurrency of the Huobi Global exchange. It is used within the Huobi ecosystem to reduce transaction fees, participate in token sales, and reward users for their loyalty and participation. HT also allows holders to participate in community decisions, giving them a say in the future development of the Huobi platform. As a utility token, HT provides users with various benefits, enhancing their trading experience on the Huobi exchange.

Steps to Add Huobi Token (HT) to Your Coinbase Wallet

  1. Update Your Coinbase Wallet App: Verify that your Coinbase Wallet app is the latest version.

  2. Open the Coinbase Wallet App: Launch the app on your device.

  3. Navigate to the 'Receive' Section: Find and tap on the ‘Receive’ option within the app.

  4. Search for Huobi Token: In the search bar, type "Huobi Token" or "HT". If Huobi Token is supported, it will show up in the list of available cryptocurrencies.

  5. Select Huobi Token (HT): Tap on Huobi Token from the list to access your HT wallet address or QR code within the Coinbase Wallet.

  6. Copy Your HT Wallet Address: Copy the wallet address to your clipboard or use the QR code for transactions.

  7. Transfer HT to Your Wallet: Use the copied address or QR code to transfer Huobi Token from another wallet or exchange. Ensure the transaction is performed on the correct network to avoid any transfer issues.

  8. Confirm the Transaction: Wait for the transaction to be processed, which might take some time depending on the network's status.

  9. Verify Your HT Balance: Once the transaction is confirmed, check your balance in the Coinbase Wallet to ensure it reflects the new amount of Huobi Token.

Why Add Huobi Token to Coinbase Wallet?

Adding Huobi Token to your Coinbase Wallet allows you to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio with a utility token that has multiple uses within one of the world's leading crypto exchanges. Holding HT can reduce your trading fees, give you access to exclusive events, and allow you to participate in governance decisions within the Huobi ecosystem. This enhances not only your investment portfolio but also your involvement in the broader crypto community.


By adding Huobi Token to your Coinbase Wallet in 2024, you are integrating a versatile cryptocurrency that bridges trading utility with community governance. As the digital currency landscape continues to evolve, having HT in your portfolio could provide numerous benefits, from reduced trading fees to a say in the future developments of the Huobi exchange. Following the steps outlined above, you can easily add HT to your Coinbase Wallet and start enjoying the advantages it offers.

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