how to add flare to Coinbase wallet

Apr 28, 2024

Find out how to add Flare to your Coinbase Wallet in 2024, allowing you to engage with its advanced smart contract functionalities and DeFi ecosystem.

To add Flare (FLR) to your Coinbase Wallet in 2024, start by making sure your Coinbase Wallet app is the latest version. Open the app and head over to the ‘Receive’ tab. Look for Flare or FLR in the cryptocurrency list. If Flare is available, it should show up in the search results. Click on it to get your FLR wallet address or QR code. Use this address to move FLR from another wallet or exchange. Double-check the network compatibility to guarantee a smooth transfer of FLR into your Coinbase Wallet.

What Is Flare?

Flare is a distributed network that aims to bring Ethereum-like functionality to various non-EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible networks. It uses the Avalanche consensus protocol to achieve high throughput and low transaction costs while ensuring scalability and security. Flare enables smart contract capability for cryptocurrencies that don't natively support them, enhancing the utility and interoperability of the crypto ecosystem.

Steps to Add Flare (FLR) to Your Coinbase Wallet

  1. Update Your Coinbase Wallet App: Confirm that you have the latest version of the Coinbase Wallet app installed on your mobile device.

  2. Open the Coinbase Wallet App: Launch the app.

  3. Navigate to the 'Receive' Tab: Find and tap on the ‘Receive’ tab, which might be at the bottom or accessed via the app's menu.

  4. Search for Flare: In the search field, enter "Flare" or "FLR". If Flare is supported, it will appear in the cryptocurrency selection.

  5. Select Flare (FLR): Choose Flare from the search results to see your FLR wallet address in Coinbase Wallet.

  6. Copy Your FLR Wallet Address: Copy this address to your clipboard or use the QR code for easier transactions.

  7. Transfer FLR to Your Wallet: Send FLR from another wallet or exchange to the copied address or by scanning the QR code. Ensure the transaction is performed on the correct network to prevent any issues.

  8. Confirm the Transaction: Wait for the transaction to be processed, which might take some time depending on the network's status.

  9. Verify Your FLR Balance: After the transaction is confirmed, check your FLR balance in the Coinbase Wallet to ensure it reflects the new amount.

Why Add Flare to Coinbase Wallet?

Integrating Flare into your Coinbase Wallet allows you to engage with a unique ecosystem that bridges the gap between various blockchain networks. By holding FLR, you can participate in Flare's innovative smart contract platform, potentially unlocking new DeFi opportunities and contributing to the cross-chain interoperability that Flare facilitates. This adds a valuable dimension to your investment portfolio and enables participation in the broader crypto ecosystem.


Adding Flare to your Coinbase Wallet in 2024 opens up a realm of possibilities in the cryptocurrency space, especially for those interested in smart contracts and cross-chain interoperability. As the blockchain landscape continues to evolve, Flare presents an intriguing opportunity for investors and developers alike. By following the steps outlined above, you can seamlessly integrate FLR into your Coinbase Wallet and explore the innovative features that Flare offers.

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