how to add debank to coinbase wallet

Apr 28, 2024

Learn how to connect your Coinbase Wallet to DeBank for comprehensive DeFi portfolio tracking and management.

DeBank is a comprehensive DeFi management platform that allows you to track your DeFi portfolios. This guide will show you how to connect your Coinbase Wallet to DeBank, enabling you to monitor your DeFi activities seamlessly.

What Is Debank?

Connecting your Coinbase Wallet to DeBank allows you to view and manage your DeFi investments across various platforms in one place. It's a convenient way to track your assets, debts, and investments within the DeFi ecosystem.

How to Connect Coinbase Wallet to DeBank                

  1. Access DeBank: Go to the DeBank website using your web browser.               

  2. Connect Your Wallet: Look for a "Connect Wallet" or similar button on the DeBank homepage. Click on it to initiate the wallet connection process.                

  3. Select Coinbase Wallet: From the list of available wallet options, select "Coinbase Wallet." You may be prompted to scan a QR code using your Coinbase Wallet app or to connect directly if you're using the Coinbase Wallet browser extension.            

  4. Authorize the Connection: Follow the prompts in your Coinbase Wallet to authorize the connection to DeBank. This may involve entering your wallet password or confirming the connection request.                

  5. View Your DeFi Portfolio: Once connected, you'll be able to view your DeFi portfolio on DeBank. You can now track your investments, assets, and debts across various DeFi platforms.            


Connecting your Coinbase Wallet to DeBank simplifies the management of your DeFi portfolio, allowing you to monitor your assets across multiple platforms from a single dashboard. By following the steps outlined above, you can achieve a comprehensive view of your DeFi activities, enhancing your investment strategy and decision-making process. Always ensure to follow best practices for security when connecting your wallet to third-party platforms.

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