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Mar 11, 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the digital world, Web3 has emerged as the next frontier. As decentralized applications and blockchain technologies gain traction, the need for robust development platforms becomes paramount. Enter Thirdweb, a name that's quickly becoming synonymous with Web3 development.



Thirdweb is not just another name in the vast sea of Web3 platforms; it's a beacon for developers and enthusiasts alike. Offering a suite of tools and services tailored for the Web3 ecosystem, Thirdweb has carved a niche for itself. Key features include:

  • A comprehensive development framework.

  • Seamless integration with decentralized networks.

  • A user-friendly interface that caters to both novices and experts.

For a deeper dive into what Thirdweb offers, Product Hunt provides a plethora of user reviews and insights that shed light on its capabilities.


Contracts: Create contracts with Solidity SDK, discover ready-to-deploy contracts, and integrate web3 technologies into apps and games.

Wallet: Wallet SDK, Smart Wallet, Auth.

Payments: NFT Checkout, Sponsored Transactions.

Infrastructure: Data Feeds, Decentralized Storage, RPC Edge.

Thirdweb Features:

Complete Toolkit for Web3 Development:

  • SDKs in multiple languages.

  • Smart contracts, tools, and infrastructure for web3 development.

All-in-one Solution:

  • CONTRACTS: Build, Explore, SDKs, UI Components, Deploy, Publish, Dashboard.

  • WALLET: Wallet SDK, Smart Wallet, Auth.

  • PAYMENTS: NFT Checkout, Sponsored Transactions.

  • INFRASTRUCTURE: Data Feeds, Decentralized Storage, RPC Edge.

Open Source:

  • The code for their tools, contracts, SDKs, dashboard, and UI components is open source.

  • Apps and contracts built with their tools are completely owned by the user.

  • No vendor lock-in. Their tools are fully composable.

Platform Support:

  • Supports various platforms including native, mobile, console, browser, and VR.

  • Plug-and-play frontend web3 components in multiple languages like JavaScript, React, React Native, Python, Go, Unity, and C#.

Deployment & Management:

  • Effortless on-chain contract deployment with "Deploy".

  • Make contracts discoverable with "Publish".

  • Monitor and configure contracts from the Dashboard.

  • Collaborate with teams and manage permissions.

  • Pre-built reports with on-chain analytics.

  • Tools work with any contract deployed on any EVM compatible chain.

Thirdweb's Funding and Valuation

In the competitive world of tech startups, funding can make or break a company. Thirdweb's recent funding round, where it raised a whopping $24M at a valuation of $160M, is a testament to its potential and the faith of its investors. Key takeaways from this funding round include:

  • Significant backing from industry giants like Shopify and Coinbase.

  • The use of funds to further enhance the platform and expand its offerings.

  • Thirdweb's vision of making Web3 development accessible to all.

For those keen on understanding the business side of Thirdweb, TechCrunch's detailed report offers a comprehensive overview.

Thirdweb's Position Among Top Web3 Platforms

Thirdweb isn't just another name in the Web3 space; it's a leader, recognized among the top Web3 platforms. What sets it apart?

  • Diverse Offerings: From smart contract deployment to dApp development, Thirdweb covers it all.

  • Community Engagement: Regular updates, webinars, and workshops keep the community engaged and informed.

  • Scalability: Designed for projects of all sizes, from startups to enterprises.

For a comparative analysis of Thirdweb and other platforms, Solulab's comprehensive list provides valuable insights.

Thirdweb's Popularity and Usage Statistics

Numbers don't lie, and when it comes to Thirdweb, the numbers are impressive. With its npm package health and widespread recognition, Thirdweb's popularity is undeniable. Key statistics include:

  • Rapid Adoption: Thousands of developers have already integrated Thirdweb into their projects.

  • Positive Feedback: High ratings and positive reviews across multiple platforms.

  • Continuous Growth: With each update, Thirdweb's user base and feature set expand.

For developers keen on understanding the technical side, Snyk's detailed analysis of Thirdweb's npm package offers a deep dive.

Thirdweb's User Reviews and Ratings

User feedback is the lifeblood of any product or service, and Thirdweb is no exception. With an impressive rating of 4.93 out of 5, it's evident that Thirdweb has struck a chord with its user base. Some highlights from the reviews include:

  • Consistent praise for its intuitive design and functionality.

  • Appreciation for the platform's continuous updates and improvements.

  • Constructive feedback that the Thirdweb team actively addresses.

A detailed analysis on TechCrunch further delves into Thirdweb's recent funding rounds and the implications of its growing valuation.

Thirdweb Pricing:

Thirdweb pricing


  • Ideal for individuals and small teams requiring basic features.

  • Price: $0/month.

  • Features: RPCs & Storage Gateway, Storage Pinning (First 50GB free), NFT Checkout, Email Wallets, Device Wallets, Smart Wallets.


  • Ideal for teams requiring more customization, SLAs, and support.

  • Price: $999+/month.

  • Features: Everything in the Free Plan Bundle, higher rate limits for RPC, Storage Gateway, and IPFS, higher transaction limit for checkout, 99.9% Infrastructure uptime SLAs, 24-hour customer support SLAs, dedicated Slack support channel.


Thirdweb offers a comprehensive toolkit for web3 development, enabling developers to seamlessly integrate blockchain technologies into their applications. Their platform provides SDKs in multiple languages, audited smart contracts, and a range of tools and infrastructure tailored for web3 development. They emphasize openness, with open-source tools and no vendor lock-in, ensuring developers have full ownership and control over their creations. Their product suite covers contracts, wallets, payments, and infrastructure. In terms of pricing, they offer a free "Starter" plan for individuals and small teams, while larger teams can opt for the "Pro" plan at $999+/month, which includes advanced features and dedicated support. Thirdweb aims to be a one-stop solution for web3 developers, catering to various needs from contract deployment to on-chain data management.

In essence, thirdweb positions itself as a complete web3 development platform, catering to both novice and experienced developers in the blockchain space.

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