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Oct 31, 2023

The world of decentralized apps and blockchain is quickly growing. As more people explore cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, there's a rising need for platforms that easily connect different blockchain networks and apps.

This article introduces Dynamic.xyz, a platform that meets this need, offering users and developers various features and benefits.

What is Dynamic.xyz?


Dynamic.xyz is a cutting-edge web3 authentication platform designed to bridge the gap between users and the decentralized web. At its core, Dynamic.xyz offers a suite of tools and features that enable developers to integrate multiple blockchain networks and wallets into their applications with ease.

But it's not just a tool for developers; it's a gateway for users, ensuring a smooth and secure experience as they navigate the decentralized web.

Dynamic.xyz Key Features :

Dynamic.xyz Features

Mobile-first Embedded Wallets

Dynamic.xyz prioritizes mobile users, offering PWA-optimized wallets that ensure a seamless experience across devices. In today's digital age, a significant portion of users access online platforms via mobile devices. Recognizing this trend, Dynamic.xyz has taken a mobile-first approach, ensuring that its platform is optimized for mobile users.

PWA-Optimized Wallets: Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web applications that behave like native apps on mobile devices. Dynamic.xyz's wallets are PWA-optimized, meaning they load quickly, offer offline capabilities, and provide an app-like experience on the web.

User Experience: The emphasis on mobile ensures that users have a consistent and seamless experience, whether they're accessing a decentralized application (DApp) from a desktop or a smartphone. This approach reduces friction and enhances user retention.

Multi-chain Support

In a world with multiple blockchain networks, Dynamic.xyz stands out by offering support for various chains, including L2, side chains, Solana, Flow, and Starknet. The blockchain ecosystem is diverse, with multiple networks offering unique features and benefits. Dynamic.xyz's multi-chain support ensures that developers can cater to users across these networks without hassle.

Broad Range of Supported Chains: From Layer 2 solutions to side chains and popular networks like Solana and Flow, Dynamic.xyz provides comprehensive support. This means DApps can interact with users holding assets on various blockchains.

Future-Proofing: As the blockchain space evolves, new networks and technologies emerge. Dynamic.xyz's commitment to multi-chain support ensures that DApps integrated with it remain relevant and accessible to a broad user base.

Developer-friendly Tools

Dynamic.xyz is not just user-centric; it's developer-centric. The platform offers a suite of tools that make the integration process straightforward.

With easy setup procedures and integration with popular frameworks like React, developers can get started with Dynamic.xyz in no time.

Easy Setup: Developers don't need to spend hours configuring the platform. With intuitive setup procedures, they can integrate Dynamic.xyz swiftly.

Framework Support: Recognizing the popularity of frameworks like React in modern web development, Dynamic.xyz offers tools tailored for them. This means developers can leverage their existing knowledge and skills while integrating Dynamic's features.

Comprehensive Documentation: To assist developers further, Dynamic.xyz provides detailed documentation, guiding them through every step of the integration process.

Advanced Features

Beyond basic wallet integration, Dynamic.xyz offers features like NFT gating, onboarding information capture, and a multi-chain wallet adapter, enhancing the user experience and providing developers with more tools to customize their applications.

  • NFT Gating: One of the standout features, NFT gating allows platforms to authenticate users based on their NFT holdings. This is especially useful for platforms offering exclusive content or access based on NFT ownership.

  • Onboarding Information Capture: To understand users better and offer personalized experiences, Dynamic.xyz provides tools to capture onboarding information efficiently.

  • Multi-chain Wallet Adapter: This feature ensures that users can switch between different wallets and networks seamlessly. It's especially beneficial in a multi-chain environment, where users might have assets spread across various blockchains.

Dynamic.xyz Pricing

Dynamic.xyz offers a tiered pricing model to cater to different needs:

The Starter plan, which is free of charge, is designed for those just beginning their journey in the decentralized space. It offers a robust set of features, including unlimited connected users, a wallet adapter, and multi-chain support. Users can also benefit from tools for profile and user management, access lists, and email verification.

The plan further enhances the user experience with multi-wallet support, analytics, and NFT gating. For developers, integrations and advanced customizations are available, and any queries can be addressed through community support.

Advanced ($99/month)

  • Features:

  • All features from the Starter plan

  • Full user authentication

  • 2,000 unique monthly active users (with $0.05 per additional unique monthly active user)

  • Dedicated support

For those seeking more advanced features, the Advanced plan, priced at $99 per month, is an ideal choice. It encompasses all the features of the Starter plan and introduces full user authentication. This plan is designed to handle up to 2,000 unique monthly active users, with a nominal charge of $0.05 for each additional user. One of the standout benefits of this tier is the dedicated support, ensuring swift resolution of any issues or queries.

Enterprise (Customized Pricing)

  • Features:

  • Customized plans tailored for advanced flexibility

  • All features from the Advanced plan

  • Custom authenticated users bulk pricing

  • Dedicated support with custom SLAs

Lastly, for businesses with specific needs and looking for more tailored solutions, Dynamic.xyz offers the Enterprise plan. The pricing for this plan is customized based on the requirements. It includes all the features from the Advanced plan and introduces custom authenticated user bulk pricing. Enterprises opting for this plan also benefit from dedicated support accompanied by custom Service Level Agreements (SLAs), ensuring that their unique needs are met with the highest level of service.


Dynamic.xyz emerges as a comprehensive solution in the decentralized web space, addressing the needs of both developers and users. With its mobile-first approach, the platform ensures a seamless experience across devices, recognizing the growing trend of mobile users. Its extensive multi-chain support is a testament to its adaptability, catering to users across various blockchain networks. Developers are not left behind, with the platform offering easy-to-integrate tools and support for popular frameworks like React. Beyond the basics, Dynamic.xyz stands out with its advanced features, such as NFT gating and onboarding information capture, which enhance user experience and provide developers with more customization options.

The tiered pricing model of Dynamic.xyz is both competitive and inclusive, catering to a wide range of needs. From the free Starter plan for newcomers to the customized Enterprise plan for businesses with specific requirements, there's a solution for everyone.

In my opinion, given its robust features, developer-friendly tools, and flexible pricing, Dynamic.xyz presents itself as a strong contender in the web3 authentication space. For those navigating the decentralized ecosystem, whether as a developer or a user, Dynamic.xyz offers tools and features that can significantly enhance the experience. I would certainly recommend Dynamic.xyz to others, especially to those looking for a comprehensive, user-centric, and developer-friendly platform.

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