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A comprehensive stack to help developers build secure and privacy preserving apps

Decentralised storage, identity, access management, and KMS to help developers build secure and privacy‑preserving apps.

Decentralised Storage

Storage nodes store only a piece of an encrypted file, ensuring data security at rest. No snooping by anyone!
Files uploaded to Arcana are erasure coded into shards.
Each shard is stored on a unique Arcana storage node.
Only a subset of these shards are required to retrieve the file.

End to End Encryption

No one except intended recipients can access files.
All files are encrypted by the client even before they hit the network.
Symmetric key encryption of files and asymmetric encryption of symmetric keys.
Proxy re-encryption (PRE) to seamlessly share /re share files.

Non-Custodial Key Management

Users need not store or manage keys.
Secure and distributed key generation and storage.
Verifiable logs of key generation and storage steps. Fully customisable signup/login.
Password-less sign up/login with any popular auth. mechanism (Gmail, Facebook, etc.).

Decentralised IAM

Your users truly own and control sharing access to their data.
Every file uploaded to Arcana is assigned a DID, as per the W3C DID spec(link).
DID points to document stored on the public Arcana blockchain for trust-less verification.
Access control list maintained in the DID document can only be updated by the file owner/uploader.
| Roadmap

Eyes on the Road

2019 2020 2021 2022
  • Q1 to Q3 2021

    Arcana DKG v1. Distributed key generation based on Cachin et. al.
    Storage network using min.io as base file system.
    ArcanaStore JS SDK. SDK to perform storage and access control.
    ArcanaAuth JS SDK. SDK to perform end user authentication and key management.
    Basic Permissions.
    Polygon SDK implementation.
  • Q4 2021

    Arcana Alpha Testnet launch.
    Arcana Alpha Bug Bounty launch.
    Arcana server-side SDK (Golang).
    Web Wallet.
    Usage graph privacy.
    Advanced Permissions.
    Arcana DKG v2 based on Kokoris-Kogias et. al.
    Token Contracts.
    Arcana Beta Testnet launch.
    Arcana Beta Bug Bounty launch.
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