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We are at the brink of a web3 renaissance. This new internet revolution upends almost everything we’ve taken for granted: capital, applications, content, gaming, platforms, music, art, creators, and users. Apart from decentralization and security, privacy plays a pivotal role underpinning the workings of anything web3.
At Arcana, you will be a part of a highly skilled and collaborative team. Be it engineering, community, or marketing, we never run out of exciting challenges. If you’re looking forward to working in an emerging blockchain project, alongside some of the best talent in each field, Arcana Network is the place for you! For us, every decision is centered around user privacy and security. Do you believe top-tier privacy should be a first-class citizen? Then come join us and help redefine privacy!
20+ Employees Worldwide
30+ Renowned Investors
$2.7M+ Funds Raised
| Our culture

At Arcana, Our Mission Is To Bring Ownership, Privacy and Security to User Data

Value Privacy

Value Privacy

Privacy is not a feature we build, it is a fundamental right.
Be Detail-Oriented

Be Detail-Oriented

Dot all the I’s and cross all your T’s.
Take Ownership

Take Ownership

See anything amiss, bring it to everyone’s notice. Or better yet, fix it!
Make Informed Decisions

Make Informed Decisions

Ask questions, many many questions, no matter how silly you think they are.
Learn From First Principles

Learn From First Principles

Always ask why before what, how...
Life > Work

Life > Work

“Me” time, time off for no specific reason... Yes, please.
| Open Positions

We’re Currently Hiring for a Number of Different Positions Around the World

Blockchain Lead Developer
  • Experience in managing a team of engineers for at least 2+ years
  • Experience with Geth (Go Ethereum) or equivalent blockchain nodes and p2p
  • Deep understanding of Blockchain, Solidity, Assembly, and the EVM
Bengaluru | Remote
Salary & Equity: $120k – $200k | 0.5% – 2.0%
Cryptographer and Protocol Designer
  • Verifiable Delay Function (VDF) implementation
  • Distributed key generation (DKG) and management (DKMS)
  • Zero knowledge proofs
Bengaluru | Remote
Salary & Equity: $100k – $150k | 0.5% – 1.0%
QA Engineer
  • Design and develop a QA framework. Automate parts of the framework wherever feasible.
  • Develop and implement test cases, scripts, plans, and procedures (manual and automated)
India | Remote
Salary & Equity: ₹10L – ₹20L | No equity
Senior Golang Engineer
  • Strong Go development skills – structuring, reading and navigating go codebases
  • Have written scalable APIs and worked with databases
  • Are comfortable with systems programming
Europe | India | USA | Remote
Salary & Equity: $50k – $120k | No equity
Solidity/Blockchain Developer
  • Good experience in Solidity
  • Good experience in Web3JS, EthersJS
  • OpenZeppelin Contracts and other standard contracts and EIPs
Bengaluru | Remote
Salary & Equity: ₹25L – ₹40L | No equity
Sr. Protocol Developer (Golang)
  • Have 3+ years of development experience
  • Have 3+ years of Golang development experience in production
Bengaluru | Remote
Salary & Equity: $40k – $60k | No equity
| Small Team. Big Mission.

Join us to Catalyse the #PrivacyBigBang

We love work but love to chill and party too. While we build privacy-preserving apps, we also do our fair bit of work to preserve our app-yiness and sanity.
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