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Privacy by Design

Ajay Shetty
Ajay Shetty

At Arcana, we’re driven by the principles of Privacy by Design (PBD). But what is Privacy by Design and how does it affect an app developer or a user?

Privacy by Design is a concept developed way back in the 90s to address the ever-growing systemic effects of information of large-scale networked data systems. This was the era what people would call Web1.0 — open protocols, rudimentary websites that were created only to be READ.

People assumed that the future of privacy was in good hands by letting compliance and regulatory frameworks take control. But privacy can’t be something that is controlled by certain organizations or a dictatorial overlord — it needs individual ownership — give control to the each of us and for that to happen, we need privacy to become a first-class citizen on every app. What do we mean by that? It should a default mode of operation for any organization. It should not be an afterthought — it should not be an addon of sorts. Privacy is fundamental to social structures and is deeply ingrained in our DNA.

We have arrived at a set of six principles based on our personal outlook towards how data should be stored, shared, and authenticated.

  • Privacy as the default setting
    Devs can focus all their efforts and grey cells on creating kickass world-class applications using our Arcana SDK (integrating it with your app or DApp is a breeze) — and do all of this without thinking of privacy because we’ll make your app super secure, super safe — no questions asked.
  • Positive sum, always We always seek to ensure full functionality on the bedrock of privacy. The moment privacy and/or security is part of a tradeoff when it comes to decision making, we’ve lost it. PBD pushes towards a positive sum game that doesn’t surrender false dichotomies, such as privacy vs. security, demonstrating that it is possible to have both.
  • Data Ownership Wherever possible, enable developers to easily allow users to own their data. This fosters trust and positive feedback loops that would benefit applications and their developers.
  • Trust but verify Allow for easy verification without compromising on user privacy. Usage and access audits should be made open so that it can be subjected to verification to ensure transparency to users and providers.
  • Strong Privacy all around Make sure privacy doesn’t play a cameo role but plays the protagonist for the entire lifecycle of the data.
  • User-centric Don’t make Privacy inaccessible or an insurmountable task for the user. Make no assumptions about users. Keep the interests of every user in mind by offering measures such as strong privacy defaults and user centric features that are intuitive and simple.

About Arcana Network

Arcana is the Web3 Infra to manage your data layer. Web3 App and wallet developers use Arcana’s SDK to authenticate users by generating wallets with Social and Passwordless Auth, Store Encrypted Data, and Manage Access. Built for Ethereum and EVM based chains, with Arcana’s privacy stack, developers can build secure and privacy-preserving apps with a seamless user experience.

Arcana has raised 2.7Mn USD from some of the leading investors and founders in the ecosystem such as Balaji Srinivasan, Founders of Polygon, Woodstock, Republic Crypto, and Digital Currency Group.

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