Arcana Network Partners with Rage.Fan

Arcana Network Partners with Rage.Fan

Naga Pramod
Naga Pramod

Arcana Network has entered into a strategic collaboration with Rage.Fan, a decentralized fan-first sports fantasy platform. Rage.Fan is looking to transition from IPFS to Arcana’s decentralized storage for improved privacy, security, and transparency. Apart from exploring our range of private NFTs, Rage.Fan will also be exploring our privacy stack for user login/authentication and access control. Our privacy stack aims to offer a seamless login experience for Rage.Fan’s users.

Partnership Commitments

  • Arcana Network will provide decentralized storage for Rage.Fan’s NFTs, facilitating the transition for Rage.Fan from IPFS.
  • Rage.Fan will explore Arcana’s private NFTs that will allow only the respective NFT owner to view the content of the NFT.
  • Arcana Network will help facilitate a seamless user login by providing authentication/login for Rage.Fan’s users.
“ is one of the most interesting NFT platforms tying NFTs to real world engagement in sports and is growing fast. We are excited to unlock new capabilities for their users with Arcana’s storage and privacy stack with the launch of our Alpha Testnet.”

Aravindh Kumar, Co-founder - Arcana Network
“Partnerships are all about pushing the boundaries on innovating for the customer through our products. Our partnership with Arcana will help us deliver exactly that while we explore new and innovative ways to deploy and bring robust scalability and privacy to our technology stack and eventually the RageFan users and community.”

Satheesh Ananth, Founder & CEO - Rage.Fan

About Arcana Network

Built for Ethereum and EVM-based chains, Arcana is the web3 infrastructure to easily onboard dApp users and enable user data privacy and ownership. Web3 developers use Arcana’s SDKs for a seamless, familiar user onboarding experience via social authentication and passwordless login. All user data is encrypted, secured with data access fully controlled by the users, and powered by blockchain.

Arcana has raised 2.7Mn USD from some of the leading investors and founders in the ecosystem such as Balaji Srinivasan, Founders of Polygon, Woodstock, Republic Crypto, and Digital Currency Group.

Watch out for Arcana’s upcoming Testnet and Mainnet in 2022.

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About Rage.Fan

Rage.Fan is a fan-first decentralized sports platform offering Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), Sports NFTs, Stake and Mint, Token Hunt App and Sports Oracle aimed at Sports Fans. The Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) platform and app covers Cricket, Football and Basketball for fantasy sports players. Their stake and mint platform,, allows NFT farming and has gamified yields with NFTs earning rewards based on outcomes in sports events. Scramble is a Pokemon-like Augmented Reality (AR) NFT & Token Hunt App available on Google Playstore, where users hunt tokens anywhere in the world. Rage.Fan will also host a Sports Oracle, offering reliable secure off-chain sports data.

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