Arcana onboards Jaypigs as a Mainnet Launch Partner: NFT Rentals solution
Arcana network partners with Jaypigs

Arcana onboards Jaypigs as a Mainnet Launch Partner: NFT Rentals solution

Ronak Kadhi
Ronak Kadhi

NFTs with utilities are the icing on the cake. Jaypigs is a crosschain protocol that helps in borrowing and renting NFTs. Jaypigs is a crosschain protocol that allows borrowing and renting NFTs. Arcana Network has onboarded Jaypigs as one of our newest mainnet launch partners.
Jaypigs aims to bring utilities to your NFTs while allowing them to be crosschain. They let owners rent NFTs and borrow against their NFTS while being rewarded. Jaypigs supports all EVM chains and has grants from Near to speed up their development. This is why Jaypigs are creating a marketplace which shares revenues with its users. A project has to bring value instantly and get battle-tested by coming to the market as soon as possible. In the medium term, Jaypigs want to build an integrable infrastructure for NFT companies to bring utility to NFTs and more liquidity in the market.

How does Arcana Network align with Jaypigs?

Arcana Network plans to ease user onboarding and wallet creation for Jaypigs by providing the Auth SDK. Arcana’s auth SDK uses convenient web2 methods like social auth or passwordless magic links received over emails. These methods have proven low bounce rates across web3 onboarding and also can onboard web2 users who aren’t aware of how to create wallets or manage keys. We will also provide Jaypigs with our Private NFTs infra to enable them to host, rent and borrow using these Private NFTs. Private NFTs are built on top of Arcana’s Access Control. Private NFTs are owner-controlled NFTs that are just like standard NFTs with public image and metadata, but they also include an additional DID link to an encrypted file that only the owner of the NFT can decrypt. Arcana network will also add value to Jaypigs community of over 3000 people and grow.
As a part of our onboarding commitment, we will be helping Jaypigs by supporting them in areas around product, growth and community building and helping them launch on Arcana’s Mainnet.

Quote from Jaypigs

At Jaypigs, we provide one of the best solutions to onboard users onto NFT-based dApps. NFT Renting lowers the barrier of entry for new users to enter games and dApps. In addition, our cross-chain solution allows onboarding users from any blockchain built on Axelar Network.

Arcana helps us further bring this vision into reality by allowing us to build our solution on their rails. In addition, it allows us to quickly bring the next millions of NFTs and blockchain users with a web2-like experience.

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About Arcana Network

Arcana is Web3 infra for devs to launch and scale apps through its Auth, Store, and Access SDKs. Web3 apps use Arcana’s SDK to authenticate users with Social and Passwordless Auth and create non-custodial wallets, Store Encrypted/Unencrypted  Data, and Manage Access. Built for Ethereum and EVM-based chains, with Arcana’s privacy stack, developers can build secure and privacy-preserving apps with a seamless user experience.

Arcana has raised 2.7Mn USD from some of the leading investors and founders in the ecosystem, such as Balaji Srinivasan, Founders of Polygon, Woodstock, Republic Crypto, and Digital Currency Group.

Watch out for Arcana’s upcoming Mainnet in December 2022. Want to know more about our Mainnet features? Book a demo.

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