Fan Engagement Platform wowTalkies partners with Arcana Network

Ajay Shetty
Ajay Shetty

We are excited to onboard wowTalkies to Arcana’s platform and help create a secure NFT platform for their fan base.

With wowTalkies, celebs and studios can create their own NFT collectibles and offer them to fans in their established communities. Fans can showcase their favourite movies and actors/actresses with their NFT collections and engage with like-minded individuals.

wowTalkies’ partnership with Arcana enables us to seamlessly cater to edge use cases around access control, encrypted storage and prevention of plagiarization of collectibles and NFTs, among other things. Our customers are excited that we, along with Arcana, can secure their rare and unique collectibles

Ritesh Kant, Co-founder and CEO, wowTalkies

Today, NFTs host data that is public by default, but with the tokenisation of various media, this might not suit the future of various use cases being built with NFTs.

Arcana’s Private NFTs can help secure the underlying asset so that only the owner of the NFT can view the media that it contains, and this access management is completely enforced onchain so there is no reliance on centralized providers to gate the content behind URLs.

We are excited about the platform wowTalkies is building as it will be a defining moment for how fans engage with their favourites actors/actresses with the help of NFTs. By transferring the value of fandom from offline to online, a lot of value can now be shared with the community.

Aravindh, Co-founder, Arcana Network

About wowTalkies:

wowTalkies is a blockchain platform bringing together studios & production houses, celebrities, and fans. Their platform allows for celebrities to establish fan communities of their own with whom they can interact directly.

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